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You’ve got the next best app idea but how will you make it look like the next best app idea? By hiring the app designers of the future, focusing on UI, and properly marketing it. That’s how.

Our Methods

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What Are We Working With?

We will analyze your app, run it through our system and then strategize the best outcome.


Where Are We Going?

Wireframes and Mockups are key to ensuring a successful development phase.


What Should the App Do?

Now comes the API integrations, UX modifications and the bread and butter of the whole app.


Show Off Your New Masterpiece. It's Launch Time!

It's ready! Your app is finally finished and the Google Play Store and App Store are ready for it. Now we market it!


Developing your app is just one part of the strategy. Now you have to get people to talk about it.

Beta Testing

Beta Testing isn’t just there to test the app, though that’s the main function, it’s also there to build some hype to your app. We will bring on some beta testers to the application.

It’s important to bring people into the app as quick as possible. Marketing is all about getting in touch with your market and providing value, and people love to be a part of something new. You’ll find people start talking about your app before it’s even out.

Launch Marketing

We’ve got the beta testers that have approved the app, and that gives us content to work with right out of the gate. At launch we want to start the app store marketing to get us to the top of the charts.

Getting in front of your users is the most important aspect of your app and most people are downloading based off the “Top Charts” in the relevant app stores, as well as by word of mouth.


Continued Efforts

Once we’ve initialized a successful launch campaign we have to keep those efforst moving forward. This is where we start doing video content for the app and engaging deeper on social media.

Up to this point our focus has been on the launch and what the app brings. Now we start explaining each benefit of the app individually and engaging our users to get feedback for the upcoming versions. Version marketing is an important tool in an apps success after the initial launch hype.

Let's Bring Your App to Market