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Social Media: Slang term for the internet today.

It’s where your customer’s attention is focused and attention is the currency that business trades at right now.

Our Methods

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Where Are Your Customers?

Creating a buyer persona is the first thing that we do when managing any social media. You have to know where your account is currently and what your customers are looking for.


Act On The Buyer Personas and Begin Pumping Out Content

It's time to initiate on our buyer personas and begin putting out content that is relevant to them.


Engagement Is the Key to Social Media Success

It's time to engage those customers after we've been putting out content. We don't go for the ask until we've got the engagement rates we need!


There’s not really a process to follow every time but we’ve got some of it figured out.


What does your social media look like?

How many accounts do you have?

What does your engagement rate look like?

How often are you posting?

How often should you be posting?

What is the competition doing?

What kind of content do we need to be creating?

Where can we pull content from?


Create buyer personas

Begin content creation plan

Redesign all account graphics

Start posting curated content

Start posting created content

Adjust marketing plan based on feedback

Review analytics on all accounts

Finalize social media rollout conversion plan


Begin converting users to customers

Continue content creation methods

Begin video production in house

Start social media ad campaigns for sales vs growth

Set up monthly analytic reviews
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